The level of chase support, the attention to safety, and the knowledge of the group employees were impressive and confidence-inspiring. If you have a hankering for Baja, Go Baja Riding is a great way to go.
— Dirt Rider Magazine

Adventure is defined by uncertainty and risk.  Although there are elements of both, be assured that you are safe with us. To ensure safety we do require that bike riders have proper off-road riding experience as we will be riding through deep sand, and rocky areas in the Baja peninsula. Go Baja Riding Tours travels through the safe locations throughout the Baja peninsula and the California/Nevada desert.

We have a #1 Safety Record!


Safety in Baja Video

We are committed to assessing, mitigating and identifying hazards before and during your off-road adventure. We ride in the safest countryside and stay at safe hotels.  Millions of people live and travel in Baja safely. We never visit Mexico City or the mainland due to the problems reported there by the media.

To ensure your safety and the safety of the other riders, be sure to:

  • Take responsibility for your own safety
  • Follow any/all rules and instructions provided by your trail guide
  • Listen carefully, trust our legendary guide & crew service that has your safety in mind  

Our trail guides, sweep and chase riders are experienced in the Baja terrain and instruct you to keep you safe. Rest assured, we’re sending you home in one piece.  

First and foremost in the mind of all of our crew members, before fun and adventure, is safety and risk management.

Go Baja Riding has been praised for our good safety record and we intend to keep it that way.  If you have any questions regarding safety, please contact