Meet the GBGD Riding Tour team

Ricardo Lopez

Occupation: 23 years, Professional Tour Guide/Mechanic     Years Riding: 30+

Ricardo Lopez

As one of the top trail guides and controllers in the motorcycle adventure tour industry, Ricardo has been representing Go Baja/Go Desert Riding Tours for 16 years.  Ricardo lives in Baja, California and has been riding motorcycles since he was 12 years old. 

He is a 4-time Baja score race top competitor and has nearly as many years offering pre-run and race support as he does racing.  When we asked Ricardo why he keeps at it on the trails, he told us that he loves his job.


“I get to lead adventures in beautiful Baja, with fantastic stops like Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas, surfing trips, or even racing in the Baja 1000 when we are off duty!”


Sam Nava

Occupation: 21+ years, Mechanic/Professional Off-Road Rider          Years Riding: 21+

Sam Nava

Having a passion for riding Sam looks forward to the adventure that the tour industry provides and being able to share that same passion with others.

Sam has worked in tours for the past 4 years.  Sam lives in San Diego, California but is originally from La Paz, Baja California Sur, he grew up riding in Baja and started racing at the age of 6.

Sam has also been part of successful race teams offering his expertise and logistics, and serving as pit crew and translator for SCORE International races.


"My mind and heart will always be in Baja.  There is no other place like Baja, the different types of terrain, the freedom to ride everywhere, and the places you get to visit are incomparable."


Ernesto medina

Occupation: Professional Off-road Racer           Years Riding: 29+

Ernesto Medina

Ernesto Medina

Ernesto has enjoyed riding since 1987, with the 250 Score International taking place in Baja California, he practically grew up racing.  

He raced ATV's for several years before going solo for the challenge.  Ernesto has been involved in helping different racing teams such as Parkhouse, F & L Fuel Racing and 13th Floor.  

He is currently racing with F & L Fuel Racing and 13th Floor since 2000 and has had the satisfaction of stepping up to a podium to receive awards for many races.


"For me off-road is not just a hobby, it's a way of living, it mean freedom.  It is always a different experience that never goes dull" 


johnny B.

Occupation: Event Specialist / Bike Guide  & Transportation        Years Riding: 40+

Johnny Brust

Johnny lives to surf and does so almost daily. Johnny takes care of the route planning, remote area stops and all other logistic concerns long before any guests get onto our bikes.  Johnny B’s bio reflects his adventurous spirit and experience:

  • AMA national class winner
  • Legendary Baja score 1000 race competitor
  • Multi-year pro tour guide
  • Championship level surfing experience
  • Adventure traveler/adv rider
  • Team logistics leader


Larry Roeseler

Occupation: Professional Off-road Rider     Years Riding: 30+

Larry Roeseler

One of the most winning champion in the Baja 1000 Score series.  Just a few of his racing accomplishments:

  • 13 Time Baja 1000 “overall” winner
  • 11 Time Baja 500 “overall” winner
  • 16 year Factory Kawasaki Program
  • Current Trophy Truck program with the Terrible Herbst
  • 16 year Trophy Truck winner
  • 75-79, 83,84,85, and 86, Husky Factory Support Program
  • 04 KTM, Top American at Paris Dakar
  • 10 Time I.S.D.E. Gold Medal Winner

Steve montana

Occupation: 15 years, Professional Tour Guide/Mechanic     Years Riding: 30+

Guided off-road adventures!

All of our staff at Go Baja/Go Desert Riding Tours are winners and top finishers in several different races.

We work together to cut new desert trails, sometimes do an overnight camping trip, or just ride in Baja. We at GBGD consider each staff member a family member.

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