Optional Gear Package Rental –  $250.00

After renting all gear and safety equipment, you can fly with just a carry-on bag and Go Desert/Go Baja Riding Tours will have everything you need packed in your size, waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival.
All of the 'GBGD Riding Equipment' is top of the line and sized for your comfort.  They are packed into a personal gear bag that will be delivered to your hotel room so you will be ready to ride with safety equipment.  We have gear for you from Moose Racing Products, Oxtar Boots, Alpinestars, and more. The only items needed will be your own jacket, socks and underclothes. The best part is that you can fly with just a carry on.

Some riders may not have, or plan on using this much extended and complete off road safety equipment (at home) where you ride.  You may have no immediate plans of purchasing these items any time soon either, so this option makes sense for you.

Guided off-road adventures await!

Everything you need is included:

• Helmet
• Goggles
• Gloves
• Pants MX style
• 2 jerseys
• Boots MX Style
• Knee guards
• Elbow guards
• Chest protector
• Kidney belt
• Fanny pack to carry water
• Gear bag

*Note:  You will need a jacket – Off road (Enduro) style preferred


Full motocross/off-road equipment is required. Safety equipment is very important in desert riding, as we will be covering a lot of ground, and you don’t want to trip up your hard earned vacation that safety equipment can protect you from.

You must bring:

· Off road style – certified helmet
· Goggles – new or good lenses (spare lenses optional)
· MX Style boots
· Knee guards
· Elbow guards
· Chest protector (off-road style)
· Gloves (extra cold weather gloves recommended in winter months)
· Kidney belt
· Motocross style or off-road style pants
· Water system camel back or fanny pack for water bottle
· Off-road style ride jacket
· Gear bag to fit all equipment

 Optional equipment

· Rain Suit
· Extra lenses
· Extra gloves /cold weather gloves

To help you with your planning we have a team print out we will send with all necessary trip suggestions.

· Important Note

Please clear out your bags of any drugs or guns.  We will be subject to military search, and they will throw you in jail for any illegal guns or drugs.

Thank you for choosing Go Baja/Go Desert Riding Tours | Call now (951) 687-0808