Go Baja/Go Desert Riding Tours will accommodate all private groups and most importantly, you will get a pre-interview during your booking stage to determine your personal ability and to ensure your comfort and the best ride options for you.  We will choreograph your entire experience.  All you need to do is ride, we'll do the rest!

Adventure of a lifetime!

  • Private and Group
  • Team Building & Corporate Retreats
  • Family or Father & Son
  • Couples Rides

Our corporate rides have effectively hosted the following:

  • Personal Protective / Halo Group
  • George Seeley Baja Legend / Seeley Family Exec.
  • Larry Roesler – Baja Champ / Toyota ISDE Gold
  • Stewart Crow – Real Estate-Race Car Champ
  • David Martin, Restaurant Owner, Texas
  • Hayes Lindsey Group – Investment Team
  • Ryan Beckley Corporate Group
  • Canadian Corporate Groups
  • Many more over 20+ years

Our team program is created to fit your needs in a setting that is unique and rewarding with just enough exploration and a mix of personal downtime for this experience of a lifetime. Our riding organization and experience give you: competition winning, all-inclusive packages, safe equipped Honda bikes, gear, and support trucks for your adventure option.

What about accommodations for Expert or Veteran Riders?

GBGD Riding Tours owner and Director Bruce Anderson has been racing and riding for many years.  He has competed in the Baja 1000 race series over 80 times.  In addition, his crew is compiled of a “Hand Picked” team of the best “A” level race trained riders from the United States and Mexico combined.

If you want the challenge of tough trails or single track until your arms fall off, then you have found what you are looking for!  With special routes laying in wait, these private trails are guaranteed to challenge all.  Ride with Bruce, and the team of GBGD Riding Tours now to discover the real meaning of challenge.

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