It’s Time to Ride!

We know your time is important–that’s why we include our All-Inclusive information page. We want to answer as many questions as possible in a timely and easy to read format. Our professional staff has included everything because we know that planning this journey can be costly and time consuming. Our business depends on you! You are our valued customer and we try our best at Go Baja/Go Desert Adventure Riding Tours to upgrade our programs to include every possible detail, guaranteeing your journey is fun, safe and comfortable!

Our Packages Include:


All ground transfers to and from the Holiday Inn Old Town - San Diego, including border crossing taxes/tolls and Hotel baggage handling and gratuities.


Feast like kings after running hard on the trail all day long. All meals are covered on your trip and some are catered trailside, with the finest and freshest traditional seafood and steak houses in Baja and in Las Vegas on the desert tours.

In addition, GBGD provides all of the water for your camelback, plus trail snacks, sports drinks and sodas! This offer does not include alcohol.




Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Riding Tours provides you with the best accommodations in Baja and Las Vegas area.

Our Bikes

A solid motorcycle is a must when running hard with your posse. Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Riding Tours has the freshest motorcycles this side of the Honda factory! We provide a spotless and fully modified Honda motorcycle that fits your preference.

Bruce draws from his decades of race and bike building experience to make sure every detail is covered–meaning each bike is outfitted with the latest and greatest modifications, specifically tailored for the Baja terrain. Our fleet of CRFs and XRs are all full service and professionally prepared by Bruce himself.

You may also bring your own bike or buggy. Rates may differ.

Our Buggies/UTV’s

Go Baja / Go Desert Adventure Riding Tours buggies are user friendly and safe to operate, with “Power Assist Steering” automatic transmissions. You will feel very comfortable and safe at the wheel of your own “Baja Race Tour Buggy!!” Our buggies are fully prepped for off roading, all you need to do is get in and drive.

Support and Baggage Transport Vehicle

These are the workhorses of the trip and they mean business–they run hard for you. These rigs do it all, including hauling your luggage, delivering mechanical support, supplying fuel and dozens of other small things. They not only service any trail needs we will encounter, they are outfitted with radios and satellite phone contact.

Your Crew

Your professional, friendly Go Baja Riding Team is the best in the off road tour industry. No matter what comes up, this crew will meet any tasks at hand. This allows you the freedom to enjoy your journey. You ride, we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Our crew includes experienced tour guides throughout the entire journey

  • GBGD takes care of all fueling, bike maintenance, even flats!

  • GBGD also provides sweep riders, chase crew, support and on-site mechanic

  • We’ll take care of the hotel check-in and any baggage handling required

  • You have the freedom to roam each pueblo or town in the evening after dinner, with crew accompaniment–a little precaution we provide to ensure your safety